Raising Kids in America

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bed times

We have such a vast age difference in kids that the little one that is three thinks she is at the least ten or twelve. Bed time for her is never easy. If we don't get her to settle down early enough then she can be a little blessing from above with a temper all day long. Mom pays the ultimate price if our little one does not get her ten plus hours of sleep. When she doesn't get her sleep it is so amazing to see her talking up a storm one minute and her little batteries just burn out whenever they burn out no matter what she is doing.

Kids need sleep and the younger they are it seems the more sleep they need till they hit their teen years. Our sixteen year old would sleep twelve hours or more a day if we let her. Just for fact checking...we do not let her sleep twelve hours a day. As much as she tries to claim that she is part cat like her sister pet cat Jennifur we still make her get up. We deal with the grumblings as she eats her breakfast and yawns non-stop.

Anywho, set a bedtime no matter if school is out or in. Right now in our household school is out for the summer. Stick to it. Parents need time to be together as well.



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