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Monday, July 24, 2006

Camp for our oldest

Camp for her is tough. It's a camp for kids with mental health issues and it is an awesome place. She is doing so well and is done a one eighty on the camp as far as attitude against it. We went up for family day with all the girls and visited the day before to talk with her and the folks running the camp on what is going on with her.

She is doing awesome and taking care of the little ones at the camp and working in the kitchen. They love her and her attitude of serving the rest of the kids not as fortunate as she is. Our Bi Polar daughter has gained so much from what she has been through and learned how to help others when she is in fact in need of help herself. Outstanding and made her Dad so proud he just wanted to hug her forever. She is sixteen now and that is not allowed. Jerky Dad that I am I hugged her anyway.

The camp is two and a half hours drive from home and Mom wasn't feeling well. Our plan to drive up to the middle of nowhere the day before backfired on us. The beds at the motel were like sleeping on bricks that gave way here and there. The little ones became to over anxious the next day or claustrophobic in the van as we drove around till we could get to the camp at the appropriate time. Four little girls in a van on the road is a recipe for agitated parents and the proper ground for migraines in Mom to set in. You can only tell them to stop fighting one thousand times before it gets to be to much to handle. The only saving grace was the best investment my wife has ever made. Portable DVD for the car! Kept them from fighting for a good deal of the time but there were flare ups when the child in control of the remote pulled a Hitler. Absolute power corrupts even a nine year old.

Lesson learned... Long road trip, get a portable DVD player. Keeps them occupied while the long trips get you from A to Z. Ours was about $160 at Best Buy. OR???? No you can't legally give that much Benadryl to kids.... Can you? Just kidding!!!



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