Raising Kids in America

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cooking with the Kids

Kids love to cook. Everyone loves to cook. When you get the chance to do it with your kids it is all that much more fun. Tonight we made Italian meatballs. Tons of garlic and spices like oregano and sweet basil and of course all the hamburger. Half the fun with the kids is using your hands to mix all the ingredients together.

You get all the ooos! And the ahhhs as the different items are added to the huge mixing bowl. I let them take over the rolling of the meatballs and supervise. You have to watch them because if you turn away for a momment then sisters will be throwing little tiny bits of meatball mix at one another.

My meatballs are unique to the world and all the kids go nuts over it. Mom likes them hot out of the oven and so do I. That is why we have to bake twice as many needed for the meal. Sampling fresh out of the oven is very important. All the kids love them that way too! Sometimes I freeze a dozen or so for them to nuke in the microwave after school to tide them over.

Pick a family recipe and pick a kid or two and show them the family traditions. In my case I've created several on my own just for them. Making meatballs is fun for them and it builds a lifetime of memories. It also is great one on one time with Mom or Dad that they will never forget.


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