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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kids and Sauce Pan Scrambled Eggs

Cooking eggs should never be boring. Bring the step stool over to the stove and let the kids have at it with this recipe. It's a slow cook and the rewards are simply delicious. Email us at Papamoka@hotmail if you want further instructions but here it is.

Making a big breakfast for the family on the weekend is always a treat for the kids. Let them see how to multi task in the kitchen. Start off with cleaning and making sure the work area is as sterile as an ICU. Get all them kids into the bathroom or at the kitchen sink and wash those little hands with tons of soap. We are making food and not cooking germs here.

We are serving breakfast so we start with the bacon that is cooked in the oven. Take one of those huge cookie pans with edges and line it with tin foil. Saves time on the clean up after all the kids have eaten and lost interest. Layout your bacon strips and put in the oven at 350 degrees. This is a slow cook method for bacon but as it fills the house with the aroma of bacon cooking it also adds to the kids appetite while we all cook the eggs.

Here we go with the fun of cooking with the kids. Take a large sauce pan and put it on the stove on very low heat. Low heat is the key to this recipe. The higher the heat the more chance of burning the eggs to the pan so go with low heat for the entire process. It is going to take some time to cook but the reward is the kids are occupied and the end result is delicious. For every person have the kids crack two eggs. Supervise and scoop out any shells. Have the kids beat the day light out of the eggs with a fork or whisker. I use a fork because the whisker eventually gets loaded up with cooked egg. Add salt and pepper for taste. Add about 1/4 cup milk for every four eggs. Add 1/8 inch slice of salted or unsalted butter for every two eggs. Let the kids beat the daylight out of it in the sauce pan non stop. Turn the light on for the stove and repeatedly tell them to check the bacon. Ask them if it is browning on one side? Let them know that they are the cook and you are just supervising.

The bacon will take about fifteen minutes to cook on one side. Mom or Dad needs to take it out of the oven for the flipping of the bacon. I would not recommend that you let the kids do that! Bacon greas splatters and we do not want any of the little people burned. Drain the grease and flip the bacon strips over. Back into the oven they go and have them check for bubbling of the bacon strips or your own preffered crispy texture.

The eggs will start to congeal and form little clusters. Stirring at that point is more important than ever. Scrape the bottom of the sauce pan to make sure it is not burning to the pan. If brown specs appear then your heat is to high. When they start to coagulate it is time to start the toast. Work in teams stirring and buttering toast. Of course keep an ever vigilant eye on the bacon. The eggs are cooked when there is just a mass of solid egg droplets and not a sauce appearance. Some folks like to drain the eggs from the excess water with a strainer after the cooking process but we just serve it up with a slotted spoon.

Drain the bacon of grease on some paper towels and serve up the eggs, bacon and toast as the best breakfast the kids have ever made with Mom or Dad. Enjoy the time with the kids and praise them for a job well done.


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